USB Fan Maintenance Tips

- Nov 12, 2015-

1, should read the operating instructions carefully before use and fully grasp the fan structure, performance and installation, use and maintenance methods and points for attention.

2, fan's blades are important components, whether at the time of installation, dismantling, cleaning or use, we must strengthen the protection to prevent deformation.

3, operating the function switch, button, knob, action should not be too hard, too fast, nor press two buttons simultaneously.

4, fans of the oil or ash should be cleared in a timely manner. Do not use petrol or strong alkaline liquid to clean, so as not to damage the surface paint part features.

5, in the fan as a result of hot, abnormal burning smell, shook his head don't work, speed slow failure, do not continue to use, should be cut off the power supply and repair.

6, collections of fans before the complete removal of surface oil, dust, wipe with a dry soft cloth, and then wrapped with kraft paper or a clean cloth. Storage location should be dry and ventilated to avoid crushing.

7, USB is not often twists and turns, so easily lead to internal wires break.

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