USB Fan Attention

- Nov 12, 2015-

Before using

First test the voltage is the same as the voltage on the label, keep touching of children.

When you use

1, if the Sparks, smoke or smell when it occurs, USB plug from the power supply fan should be immediately stopped.

2, please don't open the fan before the network modification or decomposition product.

3, do not touch with wet hands electric fans or wipe with water to avoid water cause damage to the components.

4, not to liquids, exceptions such as metal goods into or insert fan.

5, when not in the water and humid places, direct, warm smoke, heating room and other places of high temperature inside the car.

6, do not place heavy objects on the power cord.

7, do not place the fan in the unbalanced position operation

8, when pulling out the power cord, press and hold the plug and pull out, do not pull on the power cord.

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