Types Of USB Fan

- Nov 12, 2015-

Currently on the market there are many different shapes of USB fan species, there are many. Decoration company in Chongqing small series to introduce below.

1, portable USB fan: portable USB fan and can be battery-powered and can be folded.

2, direct USB fan: characterized by cable and cradle is not directly through a slender bellows connecting USB port.

3, Universal USB fan profile is relatively simple, function is also very simple, only the on/off power switch, the fan speed cannot be adjusted. The biggest advantages of large air volume, less noise. Market price of 20~30 yuan.

4, adjustable-speed USB fan: power switch knob, the biggest feature is, of course, you can adjust the volume size. Blades are made of carbamic acid esters, soft, air volume is small, little noise. Flexible tube for motor and base connection, adjust the angle of hair dryers. Market price of 25~35 Yuan.

5, mega USB fan: size is greater than other popular USB fan. And provided anion-generating functions, work in addition to providing a cool breeze can produce negative ions, for the user to create a good environment for computer use.

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