The Novel USB Mini Fan With Clock Display Function

- Mar 09, 2016-

When summer is coming , cooling fan has become the first choice for many users. Especially the USB electric fan, it is small size, easy to use and is favored. The traditional USB fan has only been a small fan with blowing function. Recently, a multi feature USB small fan in the United States Amazon mall listed, actually also with a time display function


USB mini fan size is 6 inches, with a standard USB interface, using USB interface can connect computer, power bank or adapter. When connected to a computer ,it can automatically read the computer time, by fan LED indicator display, displaying a red the hour hand, minute hand and second hand. Green is the virtual dial with a digital scale. In this way, the user can watch the time of the system in real time.


If the equipment is connected with the power bank, the user can set the time manually, only need to long press the power switch button, you can set the hours and minutes, is also very convenient. According to the American Amazon website quoted price, it costs  $33.

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