Cooling Fan Which Industry Has Been Widely Used To Do?

- Nov 12, 2015-

Cooling fans are now used very widely, a variety of production equipment are inseparable from the cooling fan the cooling effect, here I simply prepared cooling fans used in some application relevant knowledge in the field of medical devices.

Noise problems in the use of cooling fans is an age-old problem. If a cooling fan is found in the use of excessive noise, check the bolts to see if loose. Also check the cooling fan's impeller is loose, often cooling fan noise and leaves it inextricable relationship, so once the cooling fan noise, many users will think to check cooling fan impeller parts.

Medical device using cooling fan, cooling fan with high frequency electric knife, biochemical instruments, immunologic apparatus, blood coagulation, as well as blood analytical instrument and so useful.

Also has is thermal fan of motor not turned this class of problem, if medical with centrifugal wind machine appeared such of phenomenon, must to first cut power again check, if charged check is may will threat to maintenance personnel of life security, constitute is big of security hidden, actually in thermal fan of many fault in the as long as involves power of problem, are has necessary cut power, to guarantee security.

Cooling fan bearing vibration is common trouble in operation, vibration will cause bearing cooling fan and blade damage, loose bolts, housings and air duct damage, failure, a serious threat to the safe operation of the fan.

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