Computer Had Fever By Using USB Mini Fan

- Mar 05, 2016-

Computer had fever by using USB mini fan 


in summer, the cool breeze can make people refreshed. The "cool" products began selling in the market, natural fan is good choice of a lot of people. Yesterday, the reporter visited the market found that a small fan is connected with the computer USB socket by a lot of young people. However, a computer engineer reminder that these cheap USB Fan mostly "three noes" of the product, slightly inattentive, it is possible to let the computer to crash.


Visit a commodity city USB fan no factory name and address


Recently, the reporter went to the City Jiangbei a commodity city to see, many shops sale USB micro fan, a variety of styles. these fans about 10 cm in diameter or so, the material has two kinds of metal and plastic. Some fans also with lighting function, the price between 20 yuan to 40 yuan. "This fan is very convenient to use, as long as the plug into the computer's USB interface on the line." The shop owner told reporters. Subsequently, the owner will put this small fan USB interface to the computer to reporters on the model. The fan rotates quickly, but the wind is weak. "This is different from the large size fan fan, so small, natural wind is not very large, but cool." The owner said.



Fan of low quality makes computer suffer disaster


Does this a cool small fan is like the seller said so reliable ? Reporter surveyed user’s evaluation, found that many users feedback USB Fan is relatively rough, some also said that USB fan is broken soon or it makes computer broken.


Recently, who lives in the city Miss Wen Medina online spent less than 20 yuan to buy a 6 inch USB interface small fan. Originally thought the weather is hot, open air conditioning and power consumption, buy a USB interface of the small fan on the table is both cheap and convenient. But the fan used a few days on the laptop's USB interface almost burned. "When I was playing computer games that day, I found the fan casing temperature was very high, and the computer was humming, that computer also "have a fever ', I scared and quickly put the fan out interface. Fortunately, the timely discovery, or burn the computer." Miss Wen said.


Mr. Lee reminded the quality of some cheap cooling fan doesn't pass, people must be careful to purchase. It is best to choose the regular manufacturer of production, Before using fans you’d better check if it is leakage by electroprobe . If a person for a long time to leave, mini fan should be de-energized.  

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