Basic Principles Of Gift Giving

- Nov 12, 2015-

Basic principles of gift giving

All principles, inappropriate too with bad gifts is no exception, more attention to gift-giving principle. Grasp the principle so as not to lose a sense of propriety, and breaking the taboo, cause the others misunderstand.

Basic principles of gift giving

1. the principles of proper weight too light or too heavy a gift cannot make the recipient happy and peace of mind to accept. In General, the present level of choice with each other happily accepts as a principle.

Unless the person has difficulties, your gift is timely. Otherwise, the gift is too light is not very helpful, friends and family may think you mean or look down upon him. However, the gift also avoid too expensive, unless they're freeloader, and ordinary people might decline. Because of this heavy debt, the recipient good return in the future, also lost, in case you are not happy; According to your values, is likely to increase his burden. Your gift is in order to promote the exchange of feelings on both sides, but add a lot of trouble to the other party. Present weight properly is an art form.

2. interval appropriate principles

Gift giving is an emotional investment, not all at once, often series. Therefore, the interval is very particular about the gifts, none too frequent or interval is too long. Not to give you a gift for a long time, and even friends and family, it will inevitably find you human indifference. On one hand, if you frequently come to gifts, perhaps because of your commitment, on the other hand, reciprocity, others to make your gift giving, too often will increase the financial burden on him. If you come too often, may wish to call, or in a way that does not appear, such as online shopping, gift delivered directly to his home, labor-saving and stylish. In short, grasp the right time to send your gifts, bonding, and achieve their goals.

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