what is cup wamer ?

- Jun 01, 2016-

Living in such a south north of the city, then stalls a stingy Property Office, heating is a big problem. Workers usually is holding a cup of hot water and constantly changing the hot water to keep prostrate hand on the keyboard not frozen. However, what is  the boss’s mood? what is the mood of People in poor areas of the world ?

British mustard probably did not expect, they make the USB cup warmer pad should solve this problem, people starting point is very simple, just holding only:

The cup pad modeling is a piece of Oreo ah, the cup on top, can be maintained at a temperature of about 50 degrees. A USB interface connected to the data line, through the computer ant then it can be heated.

"Drink plenty of hot water" said to your darling , but you can't constantly around the her and change the hot water for her .What is called warm man? Yes ,it’s you ,prepare a piece of cup pad for her .

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