What about mini humidifier no mist

- Nov 20, 2015-

Using process if there is a mini mini humidifier humidifier no mist, you need to pay attention to some:

1, mini humidifier requires regular maintenance, if not to clean up after a long time using a humidifier, humidifier is prone to failure, while in the humidification process, not only did not help also is harmful to the human body to the human body. Mini humidifier humidifier when the need for daily maintenance to change water humidifiers need to be cleaned once a week.

2, mini humidifier water use tap water it is easy to make in the humidifier water spots, this is one of the reasons leading to humidifier no mist, repair response can be used when mini humidifier white vinegar add salt incrustation dissolved in the humidifier, humidifier and the fog.

3, mini humidifier ultrasonic atomizer is broken can lead to mini humidifier not fog, where you need to check mini humidifier ultrasonic atomizer, atomizer there is a problem, and needs to be replaced.

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