Useful mini humidifier

- Nov 20, 2015-

Mini humidifier in the work process will release some water to increase the humidity in the air, in order to nourish dry air, while keeping the dust and smoke in the air ions the nature of precipitation. Home mini humidifier room can also be used for paint and musty cleared to ensure freshness of the indoor air.

When the air is very dry moisture away easily in the human body, leading to skin peeling and cracking phenomenon, long live in such an environment, the skin will become dull and matte. Mini spray water in the humidifier contains water and oxygen can play a role in moisturizing the skin, promote the body's metabolic cycle, protecting your skin from damage.

In daily use Mini humidifier can also add some essential oils to the water, essential oils allows the body to better absorb after a volatile, but also has the effect of health care physical therapy, fresh smoked flavor road can relieve people's moods and frayed nerves, makes you more relaxed in the rest.

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