Principle and classification of fashion mini humidifier

- Nov 20, 2015-

By end-use consists of household humidifier the humidifier and industrial humidifiers two types, purposes of the household market General water atomization by ultrasonic humidifier, water vapor and spray over the fan blowing out of the shell, so as to achieve the effect of humidified air. Ultrasonic humidifier wet strength and uniformity, low power consumption, long service life, both medical spray, ice bath, cleaning features such as jewelry, so, and pure humidifier ultrasonic humidifier home recommend preferred products.

Hot steam hair style also known as electric heating humidifier the humidifier and its principle of operation, water is heated to 100 degrees in the heating body, producing steam, fan to send the steam out. Electric heating type humidifier is the simplest way of humidification, the disadvantage is that high energy consumption, not dry, low safety factor, on the heater easy scaling. Electric humidifier and air conditioning use, generally not used alone.

Compared to the above two, electric heating humidifier use no white powder, low noise, high power consumption, easy to scale and clean the humidifier the humidifier without powder is also scaling, power, air circulation system, able to filter the air and kill bacteria.

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