Mini humidifier work?

- Nov 20, 2015-

1, nourishes the air, cleaning up the environment

As people's living standards progress, air conditioning use, skin tight, mouth dry, cough-and-cold air conditioning, such as breeding grounds for disease. Local humidifier can spray process, releasing large amounts of negative oxygen ions, can increase indoor humidity, nourish dry air and separated from smoke, dust floating in the air so that it precipitated, could effectively remove paint smell, musty, smoke and odor, make air more fresh to ensure the well-being of you and your family.

2, nourish the skin, skincare

Hot summer and unusually dry winter, leading to human skin to excessive loss of moisture, accelerate the aging of life, full of moist air talent insisted on vigor and innovation foggy oxygen bar, nourish the skin, facial blood circulation and metabolism of the cells, soothes nervous panic, eliminate fatigue, make you glow.

3, add complementary flavors, essential oil aromatherapy.

Add lavender essential oil in the water, with water distribution, room aroma is very good, more easily absorbed by the body, heal repose, health effects of physical therapy, especially with regard to skin allergies, insomnia, colds, coughs, asthma is the secondary effect, is the best choice of replacement of traditional aromatherapy products.

4, stylish furnishings, beautiful and suitable

Love funky cartoon appearance, floating clouds, like a dream fantasy, such as romantic as the Fairyland, enough to produce the invention of ordinary inspiration. Automatic maintenance of water shortage, fog can be arbitrary regulation, humidity automatic balancing.

From these humidifier is very useful, if there are friends, right now the humidifier functions have doubts, this air humidifier should be able to answer to their ideas.

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