Life tips: to avoid the five for blowing fan

- May 02, 2016-

 "Air conditioning disease", "air conditioning leg" let many people dreaded. So, many people will choose cool and safe fan to accompany their own through the hot summer. But is the fan healthy? In fact, if used incorrectly, a long time fan blowing will lead to a loss of balance in the body's blood circulation, sweat excretion is not balanced, headache, malaise, etc. symptoms, serious may also cause a stroke. Recommended to avoid the following 5 kinds of blowing fan.

1 hair dryer for more than 1 hours. Long time using the fan, especially the use of high speed, the skin capillary contraction, increase in peripheral vascular resistance, will increase the burden on the heart. The head blood vessel is rich, the blood flow is more, is more sensitive to the cold stimulation, if facing the head blow, easy to cause the headache, dizziness, fatigue, weakness and so on. In addition, for a long time in front of the electric fan blowing, body temperature will decline along with a large number of sweat evaporation, prone to colds, flu, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. In general, each blow for half an hour to 1 hours is appropriate, at the same time, it is best to open the windows to keep the air circulation.

2 wind speed is too large. When temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, electric fan blowing also hot wind. At this time body heat mainly by sweat evaporation cooling, if the electric fan blowing too much, skin surface temperature drops quickly, occlusion of pores, sweat inside the body sends out do not come out, but will feel more heat, a tired, backache, causing heatstroke. Therefore, should not use high speed, wind speed control of the best control in 0.5 - 0.2 M / s. Especially in a well ventilated room or draught place, the wind speed is not too large. At present, most of the electric fans on the market have the function of "natural wind", which imitates the natural wind, when the wind speed is small, can effectively prevent the damage caused by long time uniform hair dryer to the human body.

3 fan placed too close. Fan placed too close together will make the circulation of the blood and sweat of circular gap is too large, central nervous system out of balance, various organs of the body will feel tired to the feeling of malaise. In addition, if near a strong wind blowing, or only to blow on one side of the body, the wind face of the skin sweat evaporates quickly, temperature decreased significantly, while blowing a wind side, slow evaporation of sweat, a long time will cause the body temperature imbalance. Therefore, it is best to place the electric fan at about 2 meters from the human body.

4 constant wind blowing. Just returned from outdoor indoor or sweating, let love fan straight towards your body blow, which is very harmful to the body. In the body circulation needs certain temperature, under the strong wind for a long time, can cause the partial nerve ischemia, to produce the symptom such as edema, paralysis. It is recommended to let the electric fan constantly "swing" to change the direction of wind, so that the body surface by the wind slowly, you can ensure that the body temperature is uniform.

5 to sleep at the time of blowing. If sleep all night blowing fan, windward and leeward temperature greatly, which would destroy the body temperature adjustment function, easy to cause the neural and endocrine disorders, muscle pain, fatigue and other symptoms. In addition, the function of each organ of the body when sleeping soundly falls to the lowest level, the immunity drops, easy to cause disease. (the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, director of the clinic department of Wang Xiuju) (life times)

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