Humidifier Maintenance Tips

- Aug 31, 2016-

  • Humidifier Maintenance Tips
  • 1.Always maintain your humidifier properly, because if you do not do so, bacteria and fungi can grow in the water tank and be dispersed into the air. Children, the elderly and those with allergies are particularly susceptible to these kinds of problems. The easiest way to figure out whether you might be having a problem with your humidifier is to look for any greenish scum or hard scale deposits in the humidifier’s tank. This is your first clue that your humidifier is in need of maintenance.

  • 2.White dust is a potentially hazardous by-product of using a humidifier because the white dust particles are small enough to penetrate the lungs. This is where using a mineral cartridge for your humidifier is a wise preventative measure.

  • 3.Clean your humidifier on a daily basis which is easy to do before you refill the tank with water. The best humidifiers now come apart so you can give them a sanitizing wash in your dishwasher or rinse out with vinegar and hot water. Diluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide are other good sanitizing agents.

  • 4.For best results, you will find that particularly with ultrasonic humidifiers, manufacturers recommend using distilled water. By doing so, you avoid all the problems of potentially hazardous minerals being dispersed into your air in the form of very fine particles. Tap water, bottled water and well water have minerals in them even if they are filtered, although the filtration will have taken out most of the hazardous minerals.

  • 5.Always clean and dry your humidifier at the end of the humidification season. Do not store a dirty humidifier.

  • 6.Buy a humidifier with a hygrometer or an external one to make sure that you are not over humidifying your home which can cause mold and dust mites to grow.

  • 7.Most humidifiers do best on raised surfaces and you do not want to put a humidifier on a carpeted surface so its feel damp to the touch. That is the way for mold to grow.

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