Cooling fans are widely used

- Nov 12, 2015-

Professional growing demand for welding machine cooling fan, welding machine cooling fan, humidifier, waterproof fan is widely used in household appliances, Office equipment, aerospace industry, auto parts, machinery and equipment, ventilation systems, communications equipment and other areas, which contain inverter welding machine cooling fan. Automatic control of power electronic skills, computer skills, as well as the rapid development of skills, communication transmission by Zhejiang became the mainstream of drive, benefit from emission reduction, green new deal, as an important energy-saving equipment, inverter industrial potential is very great, is one of the strategic industries in the future. Inverter has been widely used in various occupations, such as electricity production, driven maintenance of integrated circuits for electronic components production, electric transmission and system control, industrial uses and so on. It is understood that, in recent years, China frequency converter market adhere to the 12-15% Add rate, estimated to be at least 5 years in the future will hold for 10More added rate. According to this view, our cooling fan of Converter Professional is appropriately broad market prospect. Thus, the cooling fan in a seminar inverter research the most lively, most practical value of jobs. Cooling fan industrial potential is very great. Welding machine cooling fan in air conditioning, elevators, metallurgy, machinery and the widespread use of occupational, variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor and a complete set of converters developed rapidly, demand for axial fans more and more dense. From aerodynamic research of variable frequency controllers to submarine vessels with propeller of frequency conversion controller. From the fan and water pump with inverter to household central air conditioning variable frequency controller. Has been a growing number of occupational categories need to fan (waterproof fans centrifugal fans, humidifiers, fans).

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