Classification and characteristics of cooling fan

- Nov 12, 2015-

A, axial-flow fan

Axial fan blades push the air with axial flow in the same direction. Impeller of axial flow fan and propeller are somewhat similar, while it was working, the vast majority of air flows parallel to the axis, in other words along the axial direction. Axial-flow fans when the inlet static pressure free air time is 0, the lowest power consumption when running with the aerodynamic pressure rise in power consumption will also increase. Electrical equipment for axial-flow fan is usually installed in the cabinets, sometimes integrated in the motor, due to axial fans compact, you can save a lot of space, and ease of installation, so it is widely used.

Its characteristics: high flow rate, medium pressure

Second, the centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan work, the blades move air to and perpendicular to the axis direction (radial) flow inlet is the direction along the axis, and vent is perpendicular to the axis. In most cases, use fan cooling effect can be achieved, however, sometimes rotated 90 degrees if you need air discharge or want a larger wind pressure, it is necessary to use centrifugal fans. Fan-strictly speaking, also belongs to the centrifugal fan.

Its characteristics: limited flow rates, high pressure

Three, mixed flow fans

Mixed flow fans also called diagonal flow fan, at first sight, mixed-flow fan and axial-flow fan is no different, in fact, mixed-flow air intakes along the axis of the fan, however gas is along the direction of the diagonal axis and the vertical axis. This fan because of the leaf and cone housings, thus causing high wind pressure, with the same size and other comparable properties, compared with axial-flow fan and centrifugal fan noise lower.

Its characteristics: high flow rate and a relatively high air pressure

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