Characteristics and classification of USB fan

- Mar 30, 2016-

Now technology is developed and advanced, people pursuit for life is not limited to television and computers and other information products, USB Fan is a good example. What is the USB Fan and what is work principle.

USB fan introduction

USB fan is a desktop or laptop computer is the USB interface of the miniature electric fan, is through the USB interface of the computer and the computer connection, flexible bellows can make USB fan blowing in any direction.

The main components of the electric fan is motor. The working principle is the coil in the magnetic field force and rotation. Electrical energy into mechanical energy, and because the coil resistance and therefore inevitable part of energy to be converted into heat. In addition, DC motor, DC brushless motor small power motor in small fan is more and more widely.

Electric fan work (assuming the room with no external heat transfer) indoor temperature is not reduced, but will rise. To analyze the causes of elevated temperature: electric fan works, the current through the coil of the electric fan, wires have resistance, so will inevitably generate heat release heat outward, the temperature will rise. But why do people feel cool? Because the surface of the body has a large number of sweat, when the electric fan work together in the future, the indoor air will flow together, so we can promote the sweat evaporate rapidly, combined with the "evaporation need to absorb a lot of heat", so people will feel cool.

USB fan features

1, convenient, plug and play, no need for batteries.

2, portable, USB fan can also be placed in the notebook computer bag

3, safety, low noise, the fan is made of plastic film production software

4, wind power, moderate wind, diversity

USB type electric fan

1, portable type USB fan:

Portable USB fans can be powered by batteries, and can be folded.

2, direct type USB fan:

Is there is no base and cable, directly through a thin corrugated pipe is connected with the USB port.

3, the popularity of USB fan:

The shape is relatively simple, the function is very simple, only ON/OFF of the power switch, the rotational speed of the fan can not be adjusted. The biggest advantage is that a larger air volume, less noise. The market price of 3~4.5USD

4, adjustable speed USB fan:

Power switch is the knob type, the biggest feature of course is to adjust the size of the wind. The fan blade is made of urethane, soft and flexible, the air volume is not big, the noise is not big. The motor and the base are connected with a flexible pipe, and can adjust the angle of the blowing. Market price of 25~35 RMB

5, giant USB fan:

Body size larger than other common USB fans. And the negative ion generating function and work in addition to provide cool breeze can generate negative ions, for the user to create a good use of computer environment.

6, creative USB fan:

Small fan also has a big personality, a better air structure can make the wind more thorough, while adding design creative elements, so that small fans become more attractive.


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